musicology #176

alternativesoundtrack2..Quadrophenia #8

(The Tams – Take Away)

strange how themusicologist seems to be drawn to art that reinforces one’s own predicament…maybe we all are?. not going into the details but lets just say I know how Jimmy feels.

this is the section after he has packed his job in and turns up at the Cafe to find all his ‘friends’. his so called best mate, (Dave), really takes the piss and the less said about young ‘tart’ Steph the better.

still, people are funny that way you trust them with your heart and 999 times out of a 1000 they’ll let you down but as Alan Watts said at the start of musicology #10

“that risk still has to be taken”

the musical accompaniment is a Mod screamer courtesy of Soul vocal group The Tams. I know for sure this was big on, (and in), the Scene that year and I must confess to taking a little bit of artistic license as it may have been released after the brief period in which the film was set. Couldn’t resist it though as it’s not only perfect for the alternative soundtrack it is perfect for me too.

p.s that ‘Glasgow kiss’ that he gives Dave after the ‘alleyway’ comment is quality and well deserved.


3 thoughts on “musicology #176

  1. its tough to witness Jims struggle with the dissolution of his world, it would seem
    he is unable to see that he is growing too big
    for the simple concerns of his gang to just have a giggle!..growing pains are sometimes unbearable..the Tams are one of the best soul sounds of the mid 60′ as far as I’m concerned, an awesome track.


  2. the B side to Hey Girl Don’t Bother Me of course. what a double sider…

    thanks for the continued support, means the world.


  3. And those “growing pains” never stop, and never should stop too…. If they do, you’ve grown cold… one of life’s many contradictions, dilemma’s, paradox’s…. must go now!!


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