musicology #175

alternativesoundtrack2..Quadrophenia #7

(The Blenders – Everybody’s Got A Right)

day seven and just to make things worse Jimmy has been dragged in to be patronised by his boss on how he should ‘count his lucky stars’ for having such an illustrious job, (especially considering his working class status !!)

this was, (and in many ways still is), how the establishment expects us to behave, that we should be happy with the ‘crumbs off the top table’. Elitism is very much alive today as is ‘class’, even though successive governments, whatever their persuasion, have tried over the past 30 years to convince us of the opposite.

money isn’t the issue. it’s all about ‘mind-set’ and this piece of dialogue has always been one of my favourites in the film. great piece of acting by Phil Daniels…full of emotion and pathos, (you tell him Jim)

the music is courtesy of foundation Soul vocal group The Blenders with what might not sound like a revolutionary piece of social commentary but when you consider the year (1963), is.

a 45 on the Witch label.

Listen tune


2 thoughts on “musicology #175

  1. what a great track…never heard it before and yet it sounds as if I should have!…my favorite so far of the alternative s.t.


  2. glad you like it..certainly the least know of the alternative so far from one of my favourite groups of the early 60’s


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