musicology #174

alternativesoundtrack2..Quadrophenia #6

(Big Jay McNeely – Without A Love)

it’s on top for Jimmy now and from here on in it’s just pure kicks in the nuts for the kid..

the come-down off the ‘blues’ wouldn’t be helping either but there’s no denying that he’s on the slippery slope downwards. one thing about slipping into darkness is, you never know when it’s going to end until the moment after you hit the floor. it could be moments or even years until you start the climb back up.

I know I have been there, (too many times), so I feel for the kid but life seems to be full of trials and tribulations, each to be conquered and vanquished and in the scheme of things ‘growing up’ isn’t that hard an ordeal. you just got to accept it and move on..

the dialogue says it all. his mum has nailed him for being involved in the troubles, found his stash and kicked his arse out onto the streets..the musical accompaniment is a 1962 cut of majesty, (as far as i’m concerned), by a legendary Rhythm & Blues performer, saxophonist supreme Big Jay McNeely, (and his band), which has a particularly fine a piece of organ work that I have been waiting for the opportunity to fling down..a 45 on the Swingin’ Label.


3 thoughts on “musicology #174

  1. haunting track….that organ sound is exactly the right note for the times. Yep, the inevitable collapse of Jims world now that he has started to see it differently was painful to watch, especially with the amount of pills he was popping to shore it up again. Although I was chuffed to see the unmasking of Steph who I found unworthy of his adoration from the outset even if it was tuff for our boy!


  2. Rickdog,
    thanks for the comments and support.
    checked your blog, (nice), couldn’t find a link to themusicologist though.


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