musicology #173

alternativesoundtrack2..Quadrophenia #5

(The 4 Casts – Stormy Weather)

day 5 and for Jimmy it’s all about to start going downhill. having made his way, (on convoy), down to Brighton and spent the day getting ready for some evening action he has been ejected from the ‘dance’ for jumping from the balcony in an attempt to impress Steph, (the things we males do to be noticed by the ladies !!), who has mugged him off to be with ‘The Face’.

having nowhere to go and no-one to go with he spends the night on the beach, (no doubt speeding off his ‘nut’), and in the morning makes his way to to meet up with the boys. this is followed by the big ‘tear-up’ on the beach and the demolishing of a cafe that some ‘greasers’ have holed up in. if you’ve seen it you know all about the ‘knee jerker’ in the alley with Steph and then him having his collar felt by the old bill, where he ends up in a black mariah with his ‘hero’ .

Cut to this scene, where the mod attitude and deference to authority is highlighted by ‘the Face’s’ dismissal of his financial punishment in style. but notice how the judge states that these are not the first wave of ‘hooligans’ to hit Brighton, in reference to the much more dangerous and violent racecourse wars of the 1920’s featuring the likes of ‘The Elephant Boys’, the Brummagen boys, the Sabini’s and cats such as Georgie Sewell and Billy Kimber…Brighton was always a hotbed of crime and violence right up until the most recent spate of re gentrification that has taken place over the preceding 10 years or so..and a trip ‘down the line’ was very common for London’s opportunists and villains of the past.

the tune that follows is a slice of the Atlantic pie from early 1964 by a vocal group I know nothing about so I can’t offer any information other than what’s on the label.

stormy weather is certainly up ahead for ‘young Jim’


One thought on “musicology #173

  1. having watched this film for the first time (prompted by this weeks theme)…the night spent on the beach alone seemed to me to be
    the turning point for our Jim and although so much happens to him after that, he comes off the beach more conscious of the world he’s found himself a part of, so cant help questioning it all. ..the sea can do that to ya! ..nice slice too


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