musicology #171

alternativesoundtrack2..Quadrophenia #3

(Gino Parkes – Fire)

after the ‘reunion’ at the public baths with old ‘spar’ Kevin, Jimmy has been to a party, been seen getting off with a girl, (purely for some ‘blues’), by the object of his affection and desire, (Steph), and has for the first time begun to question ‘what it’s all about’

this next, (key), section of dialogue finds Kevin, (the rocker), turning up at Jimmy’s family home on a social visit and offering to fix his ‘poxy hair-dryer’, (scooter), which leads to a great piece of acting and communication between the two childhood friends about ‘being different’. the reality is, (of course), that they are exactly the same and Kevin, (played majestically by Ray Winstone), nails this with the closing line…

What struck me about the film was the way it portrayed the disillusionment of the movement as well as it’s depiction of the ‘Mod’ attitude, (captured in fine style by Phil Daniels as ‘Jimmy’), and it’s in this exchange that it is laid bare.

the music is a 1962 cut from Detroit, courtesy of Soul singer Gino Parkes, (not forgetting the cats behind the Motown sound, the ‘Funk Brothers’), with a rare slice of the Motown pie. can’t say for sure whether it was played back then but if not, it should and probably would have been if known about.


2 thoughts on “musicology #171

  1. hmm…for some reason the dialogue sounds to me like it’s running slow? or is it just me?

    let me know if it’s not, or is… as the case may be!!


  2. not running slow this end….great bit o dialogue
    strange as it may seem I hadn’t registered
    that both the tribes had motorised bikes in comon, and it certainly was the case that the
    newpapers of the time made more of the so called animosity between them…it sold their ‘rags’. I cant recall having heard this piece of Motown in the dancehalls of the time !


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