musicology #168

malevocals2 #6

(Fela Kuti – Sorrow, Tears & Blood)

didn’t throw one down yesterday…late night Friday and then headed straight out of ‘the smoke’ for some country air…slept for most of the day and be the time we returned it was too late.

this last cut of the malevocals is a song that has been getting a lot of exposure over the last few weeks and even though the cat in question may not be especially well known for his singing it was as a vocalist that he began his career.

as far as legends go ‘Fela’ stood as tall as anyone. almost singlehandedly inventing, (along with drummer Tony Allen), the genre known as ‘AfroBeat’. the life and times of Fela Kuti are well documented so i’ll leave it down to the music to provide an insight into the man.

taken from his 1977 album ‘Sorrow, Tears & Blood’ this is the title track about political conditions in his homeland. to say that Fela was an activist and thorn in the side of the government is an understatement for a man who was beaten to within an inch of his life, imprisoned on trumped up charges and hounded at every turn. but it never stopped him making powerful, immortal slices of music that communicated on many levels.

Fela was and still is an example of how music is the most effective form of communicating the message and is, as far as I’m concerned, the only ‘language’ that transcends all ‘boundries’

“Everybody run, run, run
everybody scatter, scatter….”

3 thoughts on “musicology #168

  1. 1. Any particular reason “malevocals” are not listed in CATEGORIES?
    2. Still giving Chuck Berry the ‘Spanish’??


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