musicology #167

malevocals2 #5

(Amblique – Yesterday)

big night tonight…a friend’s 40th birthday bash and ‘yer man’, (themusicologist), is selecting the sounds.

the menu consists mainly of Soul, Funk and Boogie, (70’s and 80’s), but I’ve also put together a ‘Dancehall’ set and a ‘Dubstep’ selection to satisfy all tastes…should be a top night…almost all the ‘cats’ are making an appearance.

this cut, a cover of The Beatles song ‘Yesterday’, is by one of my favourite ‘digital’ singers over the last 15 years who began his career as a youth under the tutelage of Derrick ‘One Stop’ Harriott’ in 1970 as Ramone The Mexican but it wasn’t really until 1994 when he teamed up with Sly & Robbie that his career began to take off, which just goes to show the importance of sticking to your guns. since then he has continued to ‘tear up’ the dance with his recordings and performances.

this one is taken from a 45, (a vinyl single to all those digital heads), and it’s a Clive Hunt production on the Kickin’ label from around 1996, (if memory serves me right), as is often the case there is very little information on the label, not even an ‘engineer’ credit…no surprise really as I doubt the song was licensed from whoever holds the rights.


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