musicology #166

malevocals2 #4

(Leroy Hutson – Paradise)

today’s cut is an 80’s Soul & Boogie classic from a man whose apprenticeship was served under one of the genres undisputed kings…Curtis Mayfield. Originally a member of vocal group ‘The Nu Tones’, he went onto feature (along with Donny Hathaway), as a member of the ‘Mayfield Singers’ after hooking up with him at Howard University.

multi talented as Singer, Songwriter, (he co-wrote Donny’s solo anthem ‘The Ghetto’), arranger and musician. he took over from Curtis as lead singer of ‘The Impressions’ in 1970

in 1973 having served his apprenticeship he went solo and released some extra fine work especially on his Hutson, and Hutson II albums. This one is a later work, (1982), taken from his only album for Elektra.


6 thoughts on “musicology #166

  1. Hip swinging dances: hand-clapping beats: silky, professional, almost big-band sounds: the New Romantics swanning around Covent Garden. Yes, this one awakes memories of my ‘second’ (bittersweet and disengaged) life….. niceeeeeeeeeeee


  2. Just to add a bit of early 80’s flavour to the proceedings…. Grover Washington(?), a sax player was getting plenty of air space around the time mentioned… and there was another guy; a trumpet player (a South American name I think) who had a massive hit… well, it was big at The Next Door club!!


  3. Grover Washington Jr, yep….there was also Wilton Fender, (Crusaders saxophonist), who did ‘Inherit The Wind’. New Romantics, forgot they were Soul Boys.

    The Inner City crew were known as ‘Casuals’. Who were in fact the continuation of the Mod lineage.
    Good times all round !! unless you were a coal miner, or were constantly hounded by the Old Bill for the colour of your skin or the amount of ‘Fruit you had with your Bowl’


  4. ‘Fruit you had with your Bowl’

    Could you please elucidate on that old boy.

    Sorry if I’m being a bore, but the longer I live exiled from England’s green, pleasant and pastured lands the harder it becomes… especially the finer details of the language!!!


  5. more commonly used as:

    “do you want a bit more fruit with that bowl”


    “that walk, (bowl), you have, could it be any more ostentatious?”


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