musicology #162

vocalgroupaction2 #7

(The C.O.D’s – Michael)

I’m almost at the end of my tether with the f*****g BOXNET audio widget and Ive been looking at alternatives so in the VERY NEAR future expect that there will be changes made ….

in the meantime hold this 1965 Mod classic from Chicago vocalgroup The C.O.D’s. who were overheard singing under a streetlamp by two cats who were so impressed with their talent that they decided to setup a label, (Kellmac), just to record them. unfortunately this was their only ‘hit’ so the label only lasted less than two years and a handful of releases, (3 of which are by the group)

the lineup consisted of lead singer Robert Lewis, Carl Washington and (songwriter), Larry Brownlee who alone went on to have fame as a member of the Lost Generation. Sadly Brownlee was murdered on Chi’s tough streets in 1978. the other two members disappeared without musical trace…

one that themusicologist remembers well from ‘back in the day’ thanks to ‘Uncle Johnny’ who was a major influence in the formative years of my musical journey.

the tune is based on a local Chi’ cat who was obviously a hit with the ladies.

starting tomorrow it’s male vocal week


3 thoughts on “musicology #162

  1. what a joy to hear this number again..there are some songs that never fail to make your spirits
    soar, and this is one of them for me..


  2. seems to capture the Joy and optimism of the early to mid 60’s, (not that I was there….)




  3. Hello my question is directed to people from that great soul music town Chicago I’d like to know the details of the death of Larry brownlee of the COD’S and the lost generation he died in 1978 but I can’t find any details online


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