musicology #161

vocalgroupaction2 #6

(The Uniques – Lessons Of Love)

day six !! of the vocalgroup selection and the tunes just keep on coming…by now i’m sure you’ve realised that the two genres that feature heaviest on themusicologist are Soul & Reggae and today’s cut is no exception.

courtesy of one of the most ‘important’ of Jamaica’s vocal groups The Uniques whose previous incarnation, (The Techniques), had already played a huge part in shaping the vocal group sound of Jamaica with Duke Reid at Treasure Isle. (for an example of the Techniques work with ‘The Trojan’ take a listen to musicology #44).

but it was as this pivotal line-up, (Roy Shirley, Jimmy Riley, Lloyd ‘Charmers’ Tyrell and Keith ‘Slim’ Smith), produced by the Islands top producer at the time Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee that they rose to the top of Jamaica’s vocal group tree with a string of Rock Steady classics such as ‘Gypsy Woman’, ‘My Conversation’, ‘The Beatitude’, Love & Devotion, ‘Facts Of Life’ (to name a few)

briefly…Bunny Lee was a major figure in the evolution of Jamaican musicology especially during this period. One of the first, (the first being Cecil ‘ Prince Buster’ Campbell), independent producers to challenge Coxsone Dodd and Duke Reid he was instrumental in breaking the hold the two held over the music resulting in the emergence of other notable producers such as Derrick’ One Stop’ Harriott and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.

Recorded in Kingston at the Treasure Isle, (or W.I.R.L), studio in 1968.


11 thoughts on “musicology #161

  1. thanks for letting me know. this boxnet audio problem is Jarring me brain..It should be in there now…


  2. For me, this is a bang on example of the huge influence Curtis Mayfield had on ‘early’ Jamaician music!!!


  3. yes HUGE…even down to the Wailers, in tribute, recreating a pose for their first LP copying the Impressions.


  4. O.K. I know I’m biased but what band tops The Impressions… none!!

    Just for the ‘record’…. I’m really intrigued by/with your use of “Possibly Related Posts: (automatically generated)”… is there something deeper cooking within??

    For example…

    First link: musicology #93 Alton Ellis – I’m Still In Love…. is the ‘link’ Love or early Mod Ja’ music (‘cos it certainly ain’t Curtis… is it?).
    Second link: The Ethiopians – Engine 54… tends to back up the Mod ‘link’… big time!!
    Third link: The Four Aces and Brenda Lee… not putting either down – in fact I’m a big fan Of Brenda Lee – but where’s the ‘link’ here?

    By the way, thanks for the link to The Beat Patrol… top, top, Ja music, a lot of which I haven’t heard since The Candy Lounge days.


  5. the possibly related posts are generated by WordPress and have nothing at all to do with me…The Beat Patrol? don’t know it !! you’ll have to thank the wordpress automaton for that.


  6. Well I’ll be buggered…. do you get a peep at the prp’s then??? As for The Beat Patrol and wordpress automaton…. thanks man(?)


  7. I’ll ask again… I’m curious. Are the “possibly related posts” open/viewable to all visitors to themusicology site??

    Now I’m really curious ‘cos they’ve disappeared from here????????


  8. hahahahaha…. curiosity. But where would we be without it…. foraging for food, naked, being chased by dinosaurs in some dense forest??
    Thinking about it…. How bad!!


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