musicology #159

vocalgroupaction #4

(Link – Whatcha Gone Do)

today’s cut is a little bit more up to date than the previous three. not easy considering the vocalgroup has almost dissapeared from urban music. I know almost nothing about these cats, not even how many of them are in the group.

but I do know that it was recorded in the Big Apple, (Allien Flyers Studio), at the end of the 20th century, (1998), produced by Darrell ‘Delite’ Allamby, engineered by Ben Arrindell and it’s on the Relativity label…and finally, for me, it hit the right spot ten years ago and still does today..

keeping it brief as I’m helping my good friend ‘Dready 10 Eyes’ load up a container for his emigration to Cyprus and we’ve only got 3 hours to do it!!


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