musicology #157

vocalgroupaction2 #2

(The Royals – Make Believe)

day two of the vocalgroup selection finds us tuning into some ‘sufferers’ courtesy of Jamaican vocal group The Royals with a mid 70’s piece on Roy Cousins’ Wambesi Label.

Roy Cousins was not only the producer and Wambesi label owner he was also the Royals lead singer. forming his first vocal group in 1962, (pivotol year for musicology), he went on to form the Royals, (originally called the Tempests), in 1965…recording for, (among others), Coxsone Dodd’s Studio 1.

sick of being ‘skanked’ by producers and label bosses he set up his own in 1971 and this one (Wambesi), in 1974 which attracted many a fine singer, vocal group and deejay evolving into a major force in the 70’s and 80’s.

the cat at the ‘controls’ on the dub is none other than Lloyd James. better known as..Prince Jammy…


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