musicology #156

vocalgroupaction2 #1

(The 5 Keys – The Glory Of Love)

it’s been a challenge keeping on top of themusicologist these last few days, (and weeks), especially as ‘the project’ has been taking up most of my, (physical and mental), time.

on top of that I have also been tied up with the selling of the family drum. as a result themusicologist has suffered a drop in quantity, (the quality I am very happy with)

all I can do is apologize for not ‘taking care of business’ and hope that the quality is enough for you to stand by themusicologist….

this week it’s round 2 of the vocalgroupaction theme and I’m kicking off with this seminal cut from the dawn of doo wop courtesy of one of the greatest of the vocal groups ‘The 5 Keys’. it’s from their second recording session for LA label Aladdin, recorded in New York’s RCA Studio on March 22nd 1951. The song, (written by Billy Hill), had already been a #1 for Benny Goodman in 1936 but, (as much as I rate brother Goodman), performed by the 5 Keys it reached new heights.

the lineup..

Rudy West (first tenor), Maryland Pierce (second tenor), Ripley Ingram (octave tenor), Dickie Smith (baritone/second tenor), Bernie West (bass) and the group’s regular accompanist Joe Jones on Piano…

what a tune…


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