musicology #150

ladiesweek2 #4

(Irma Thomas – It’s Raining)

yep…themusicologist has been a bit slack this week on the musical front. Saturday is here and I’ve only managed four cuts for ladiesweek2.

maybe I’ll fling down two slices tomorrow to bring the quota up to six. hopefully the quality and not the quantity has earned me a reprieve from your disappointment and today’s piece is no exception….in fact the piece is worth at least two ‘mortal’ cuts so I’m already feeling better about it !!

recorded in November 1961, released on New Orleans’ fabulous Minit label in 1962. written and produced by the legendary Allen Toussaint, (who is also tinkling the ivories ‘pon the session), an important musicologist in the development of the genre who’s production and songwriting talents have been enjoyed by many artists. first at Minit and then at his, (and partner Marshall Sehorn’s), notable Sea-Saint studios.


3 thoughts on “musicology #150

  1. welcome,
    thanks for providing the link…
    nice version…must have been thrilled to get nominated for such a prestigious award.

    ‘Best Pop vocal by a female’
    well done


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