musicology #148

ladiesweek2 #2

(Aretha Franklin – My Way)

a first outing on themusicologist for this artist who needs no introduction with a 1970 version of a Paul Anka song we all know, written for Old Blue Eyes himself…Frank Sinatra.

I always thought that no version, (and there are MANY), could come close to the man’s until I heard this one….a great song, defiantly sung by one of the great singers..


3 thoughts on “musicology #148

  1. Wow…what a belter, thats definately the best
    version of that song I’ve heard, no matter how
    many times I’ve sung along to it the words never
    fail to move me but her voice injected a new level of ‘soul’ for me.


  2. ………she blows ‘ol blues eyes away!!! …Never heard this version before. Great every form…


  3. rumour has it that ‘The Chairman’ didn’t really like the song that much as he thought it was too self indulgent !


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