musicology #146

SpectrumOfLove #6

(Flowers – For Real)

the final piece of the ‘Spectrum’ discovered me in complete synchronicity just after the birth of my first child in 1995. it nailed exactly how I felt/feel and, for me, is the benchmark against which all songs and performances on the subject are measured.

It’s one from my personal top 10 tunes of all time and words don’t do it justice so all I will add is that for themusicologist it defines love.

Not often do I recommend CD’s but the one this is borrowed from, (Keb Darge’s Soul Spectrum II), delivers Value, there are at least 5 killers on there that you would have to pay an arm and a leg for to get them on vinyl so if you like your Soul my advice would be to buy it.

p.s starting tomorrow on themusicologists it’s ‘Round 2’ of a previous theme concerning the vocal arts…six pieces a week from each category, female/group/male…


3 thoughts on “musicology #146

  1. Working me way through the backlog of musicologist themes I’m now stuck/struck at “Love”….. Lovely tune this one.


  2. by the way I also feel this way about the girl of my dreams…and I’m so proud and happy to feel it.


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