musicology #143

SpectrumOfLove #3

(Maxine Brown – Heaven In Your Arms)

we’ve heard two from the fellas and now its time for the ladies to step into the arena…and who better than Miss Maxine Brown, Soul singer supreme, who’s delicious voice could charm the birds straight out of the trees….

for themusicologist Maxine Brown is one of the greatest Soul singers never, (commercially), known, (and there are MANY), ..her phrasing and timing is perfection. as witnessed on this piece of early, (1961), Big Apple flavoured Soul from the NoMar label. it’s not the first time Maxine has featured on themusicologist, having already laid one, (musicology #39), down on an earlier duets theme with Wand label mate Chuck Jackson but this time she’s centre stage.


3 thoughts on “musicology #143

  1. A beautiful, heartfelt song. Pure raw emotion, she’s in love and knows that she’s loved in return. What a gift, to be able to express that feeling without fear of belittling it.


  2. Of the six Spectrum Of Love plays, this, the only female one by the way, is the one I feel is closest to “it”….. Even so, for this poor soul some damned ‘thing’ is still missing!!


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