musicology #142

SpectrumOfLove #2

(Johnny Mathis – 12th Of Never)

yesterday flew by without a post so today I’m getting this one in early.

what is Love? everyone has their own definition I suppose but for themusicologist this 1957 cut from well known singer Johnny Mathis goes a long way to providing an answer.

I read/heard somewhere that the music that touches us deeply gives us and others around us, (our ‘Loved’ Ones), an insight into how/who we would like to be in the ideal world, without the chains of our personal experiences that have shaped our lives. I don’t know about that but I do know that I gravitate towards songs about Love partly because It’s an emotion that I find very hard to express, (other than where my children are concerned), This is not because I haven’t received it, (thanks especially to my mum), and maybe therein lies the conundrum..for me the unconditional variety is the only one worthy of the name … but before this post gets too deep let’s return to the music.

This is the original version of a song first known to me sung by the magnificent Jamaican singer Pat Kelly who has already featured on themusicologist, (musicology #54), and I was going to lay down his top ranking reggae version but I feel that this one taken from the LP ‘Johnny’s Greatest Hits’ suits the SpectrumOfLove better….a beautiful ballad sung by a great singer that is all about the subject in question, LOVE

Listen Tune…


4 thoughts on “musicology #142

  1. in my youth Mathis just seemed like so many singers from an earlier time who had a decent voice but was nothing special; like many other things in my life I realise I just wasn’t aware enough to appreciate his specialness. His version of this song being a good example; a lesser singer would make the sentiment sickly.


  2. humble words of wisdom there supa8.
    completely agree with your comments.

    great songs are sung by great singers and there’s no doubt that Johnny Mathis could sing with the best of ’em.


  3. it is a beautiful version of this song indeed, maybe thats why there’s so many odes to love
    because it is such a difficult emotion to express..and comes in many shapes and sizes.


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