musicology #138

theGood,Bad&theUgly #5

(Dub Organizer – The Herb)

day 5 and the battle’s getting hotter..this section finds Tuco and Blondie back in the saddle together following Angel Eyes’s double cross (who’s expecting that Tuco was ‘taken care of’ back in the ‘pig-sty’)

for themusicologist this piece nails the atmosphere of the whole film in 5 mins of ranking ‘spaghetti dub’ and should go some way to providing a showcase of the influence that the films will always have.

the tune itself is courtesy of the UK based Fashion Label and was recorded at, (South London’s), A Class studio in 1997, (30 years after the film), the engineer on the session is the Dub Organizer, (Frenchie?), and it must be Augustus Pablo on the melodica, (no info on the label)


7 thoughts on “musicology #138

  1. I am there!! in the graveyard waiting for the count down only the soundtrack is new style and me and me adversaries have just let one off apiece in the air


  2. Jumbo,
    welcome and thanks for the information..I could only take an educated guess as to whether it was Pablo as he was reported to have been around A Class at the time and ‘Dub Organizer’ is the name of one of his early cuts on the LP ‘This Is Augustus Pablo’


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