musicology #137

theGood,Bad&theUgly #4

(The Gaturs – Gator Bait)

we’ve already heard from ‘il Buono’ and ‘il Cattivoover the preeceding three days and now it’s time for ‘il Brutto’ whose ‘nom de plume’, (Angel Eyes), seems to be well known to banditos like Tuco Ramirez.

Lee Van Cleef, (il Brutto), was a true veteran of the western genre first appearing in ‘High Noon’ with Gary Cooper in 1952 he went on to feature in many more such as ‘Gunfight at the OK Corral’, ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Vallance’, ‘How The West Was Won’, (along with Eli Wallach), and the second in the ‘Dollars’ trilogy ‘For A Few Dollars More’.

as a measure of the mans on screen qualities his name, (along with Clint Eastwood’s), was hijacked by Reggae DJ’s, (MC’s), and claimed as stage names, (Josey Wales too), so you can understand the huge impact these films and actors had on Jamaican music in particular.

todays slice of the musical pie is a quality piece of early 70’s New Orleans Funk by little known outfit The Gaturs featuring the keyboard skills of none other than Soul Singer supreme Wilson Turbinton A.K.A ‘Willie Tee’ whose Mod classic ‘Walking Up A One Way Street’ is sublime and will definitely get an outing on themusicologist some day…Until then hold this..


2 thoughts on “musicology #137

  1. iiiiiii told you that I love you, time and time again,
    but you got me crying baby, and my tears are flowing just like rain,

    well I’m all alone and blue as can be and I’m walking, walking…walking up a one way street..

    RANKING tune..guaranteed to be flung when the right time come.


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