musicology #136

theGood,Bad&theUgly #3

(Roland Alphonso & The Beverleys All Stars – The Cat)

day three of the goodbad&ugly theme serves up a pivotal piece of dialogue . it’s the bit where Tuco and, (an almost dead), Blondie stumble across the dying Bill Carson who, with his dying breath, tells our man ‘Il Buono’ the elusive name on the grave.

the music, courtesy of one of Jamaica’s greats Roland Alphonso, (along with the Beverly’s all stars), was released in the UK the same year as the film 1967..maybe it’s just me but I can hear the echoes of the spaghetti western influence creeping in.


5 thoughts on “musicology #136

  1. Check out Jimmy Smith’s version of The Cat. It was big – very big – in the day down Rochester House way (as was his version of Walk On The Wild-Side).

    Jimmy Smith was one of those Modernist/Mod cross-over artists!!


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