musicology #133

instrumentalsweek #6

(Eddie Harris – Listen Here)

finishing up the ‘players’ with this masterpiece from Eddie Harris who, in his own words, defines it as

“A Latin jazz tune for dancing”

taken from his final recording session for Atlantic in April 1967.. reduced from 30 minutes to just over 7, (a mistake in my humble opinion), featuring the combined skills of percussionist’s Ray Barretto & Joe Wohletz, Richard Smith on drums, Melvin Jackson on bass duties, Jodie Christian on Piano and the man himself blowing up a storm on Tenor Sax.

another BIG tune on London’s Rare Groove dancefloors back in 86/7, (as well as being a million seller on initial release)

by the way, tomorrow is the start of a new theme goodbad&ugly, an alternative soundtrack/tribute to one of themusicologists most loved films.


2 thoughts on “musicology #133

  1. look forward to the bad man soundtrack collection, takes me back to a wednesday night at the wag circa 86, A certain favorite of P.Guntrip esq may he the soul brother rest in peace


  2. me and you both brotherman….
    Paul Guntrip…good shout.

    as for the badman selection…”who can draw?”

    nice to hear from you
    keep it locked


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