musicology #128

instrumentalsweek #1

(Louis Armstrong & His Hot 5 – Muskrat Ramble)

after the lyrics of the socialcommentaryweek I feel like bathing in the waters of the instrumental for a while so with that in mind, this week, i’m leaving it the ‘players’ to ‘speak the universal’

first up it’s the father of ‘popular music’ Louis Armstrong accompanied by some of the greatest proponents of the New Orleans style Johnny Dodds, (clarinet), Johnny St Cyr, (Banjo), Lil Hardin, (Piano) and Kid Ory on trombone who together made up the worlds first ‘super group..known collectively as the Hot 5.


2 thoughts on “musicology #128

  1. glad you like it.

    the way these cats mix and blend always puts a smile on my face…so fluid and harmonious…always gets them ‘plates’ a tapping in syncopated rhythm.


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