musicology #122

socialcommentaryweek #2

(Style Council – A Stones Throw Away)

not easy to find tunes that criticise the establishment. no surprise really, (especially these days), at a time when most artists concern seems to be with achieving the two F’s, (fame&fortune)

not that I blame them as, in this age, success is measured by material wealth…big motors, large amounts of ‘tom’, houses in every know what I mean. art as entertainment is todays message as the culture of pop dominates every corner of our society.

this 1985 piece taken from the Style Council’s most critical set ‘Our Favourite Shop’ shows that there was a time when some saw it as their duty to openly criticise without fear…read ’em and weep.

“For liberty there is a cost, it’s broken skulls and leather cosh,
From the boys in uniform, now you know whose side their on,
With backing, with blessing, from earthly gods not heaven,
A stones throw away from it all.

Whatever pleasures those who get, from stripping skin with rhino whip,
Are the kind that must be stopped, before their kind take all we’ve got,
With loving, with caring, they take great pride in working,
The stones throw away from it all.

Whenever honesty persists, you’ll hear the snap of broken ribs,
Of anyone who’ll take no more, of the lying bastards roar,
In Chile, in Poland, Johannesburg, South Yorkshire,
A stones throw away… we’re there”


3 thoughts on “musicology #122

  1. like your choice of songs this week- this one has always hit me hard as the backing music contrasts so well with the bitter words/sentiment.I think there are always people out there challenging the establishment; we just have to be receptive …… and vibes take many forms.


  2. nice..
    true there are always lone voices crying out but too often they are drowned out by the deluge of ‘info-music’

    this was a big album for themusicologist..memories of blaring it out on the portable stereo while on holiday in the former Yugoslovia…

    the socialcommentaryweek has reminded me of exactly how powerful music can be…


  3. Aye, music really has a mystical power.

    Just this morning I heard a Beatles song on the radio. Now I’m no fan of The Fab Four but as this number played out bright mental pictures of a wonderful, long ago odyssey through France and Spain in a Motorhome, tumbled out of the ‘deeply filed away’ part of my memory….. pukka!!!!

    The song? Band On The Run.


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