musicology #118

jamboree #5

(Ozone – Gigolette)

all things considered..has to be this one. for three reasons.

1: It’s me dear Uncle Bassie’s Hawaii Five-O birthday bash today and I’m sure he will appreciate the four string on the track

2: Big night out tonight celebrating ms Steen’s birthday at Brother Sean Rowley’s Guilty Pleasures,
(Leisure Wear theme !!)

3: The piece was released in 1981 (same year as the notorious Diadora Borg Elite which will be on ‘me plates’ tonight)

Good Enough…

1981 was also the year themusicologist became a teenager, Raygun became president, the Brixton, Toxteh, (and Lewisham), Riots boiled over, 13 people died when a house in New Cross burned to the ground. Britain was deep in recession, Bombs were going off in the capital, Berbatov was born, Bob Marley died and Spurs won the FA cup, (themusicologist was there at Wembley to see Ricardo ‘ Ricky’ Villa score the winner), beating Manchester City in a glorious replay….


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