musicology #114

jamboree #1

(Bobby Bland – Ain’t Nothing You Can Do)

themusicologist is a place to share, communicate and connect and one of the things I have learnt over this past year is that the message is in the music but it’s not always the one were looking for.

the universal language speaks to us all but not necessarily about the same topic…I’m laying down this selection as a ‘theme of no theme’..a complete ‘Jamboree Bag’ where anythings possible… a tune a day to help keep the wolves at bay.

almost every day while listening to music a tune will come on and I’ll think to myself… “I’ll have to lay that piece down one day”.. but often find themusicologist in the middle of a ‘session’. so for the next few weeks it’s random..just good old BOSS sounds of all flavours and vintages.

starting with the majestic, late night, 1964 sound of Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland who, as a member of the Beale Streeters along with Johnny Ace, BB King, Junior Parker and Rosco Gordan, was there at the birth of Rhythm and Soul in the early 1950’s. A big Mod/ernist favourite who carried the swing for many years and possessed the special ability, (that the greats share), to make each recording his own. From 1950-1970 Bobby Bland was a powerful force in the development of the vocal style known now as Soul.

listen the ride……..


5 thoughts on “musicology #114

  1. Yes sir…… BOSS!!

    Can’t go into one (wolves, dark places an’ all that). All I can say is….. missed ya!!


  2. so good to have that injection of great tunes
    back …and what a powerful piece
    of music this is, even though the lyrics are
    not the jolliest, the overall effect is just so invigorating! ta..


  3. This is around about the time I went off-line. I came back early August (themusicologist #197 to be precise). Four months down the line and that’s 83 tracks; 83 select pieces of music; 83 accompanying texts you’ve laid down…. that’s a hell of a lot of work you’ve put in there!!!!
    Much appreciated.


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