musicology #113

sixartist, sixtune, sixweekspecial #36

(New Establishment – People Skanking)

final cut from Jackie and the last of the six/six/six. it was a toss up between this and a tune called Wall Street, (which is one of my personal favourites), but I went with this one because, for me, it sums up perfectly how music can give you the strength, (and courage), to keep on ‘stepping’ in the right direction. One of those ‘call to arms’ tunes that not only communicates but also delivers…another diamond from the Studio1 showroom that does exactly what the title suggests.

just leaves me to thank you all for listening and the six artists;

Sam Cooke / Stevie Marriott / Alton Ellis / Curtis Mayfield / Paul Weller and Jackie Mittoo for providing the ammunition over the past six weeks to ‘lick shot’


3 thoughts on “musicology #113

  1. once again thanks for sharing your love
    of an artist that I did not know much about,
    in playing the six-selection over a week it allowed me listen and appreciate his music..


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