musicology #112

sixartist, sixtune, sixweekspecial #35

(Wailers – Rude Boy)

penultimate slice of musicology on the six/six/six and one from Jamaica’s most famous vocal group, The Wailers.

Not sure whether this had a UK release at the time? the one we are hearing is taken from the Coxsone Import 45. But with a title like ‘Rude Boy’ it wouldn’t have got much promotion on these English shores. As we all know the Wailers went on, (certainley Marley anyway), to become a household name. Jackie Mittoo on the other hand didn’t receive anywhere near the recognition that he deserved for all the musicology he brought to each and every Studio1 session from 1963 up to his emigration to Canada in 1969? which is, unfortunately, an all too common story when it comes to the cats who  played the instruments.

Arranger, Piano player session leader and all round musicologist it would have been Jackie, (as much as any single artist), that drove the music towards the Spaghetti Western influenced, Gun Man Style that was to become more popular as the times got tougher and the rudies got ruder in Kingston, Jamaica.

for themusicologist Jamaican music is still the ‘voice of the people’….how long will it last? only time will tell but from 1962 to today it has always reflected and communicated the thoughts and feelings of the ‘man on the street’ .. and this one is no exception.


3 thoughts on “musicology #112

  1. Niceeeeee…..

    blue-beat hats and mohair suits, pilled up, dancing alone (no “jiving” to this music), west end dives in the wee, wee, hours, ducking and diving, hiding/avoiding the (crooked) boys in blue from west-end central when they raided a club….

    Oh, those were the days…. and this mainly instrumental music – ska, blue-beat, rock-steady – more than any other, brings it on home to me!!!!


  2. Hey you roughneck, raggamuffin, dangerous son of a gun…. wheel and come again!

    Can’t keep still to this one.


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