musicology #111

sixartist, sixtune, sixweekspecial #34

(Karl Bryan & The Afrokats – Money Generator)

no post yesterday…got caught up in too much ‘he say she say’ which took the wind out of themusicologists sails so couldn’t find the enthusiasm and motivation to invest the time, emotion and energy required for posting so thought it best to let yesterday go.

it’s a hard life and no mistake when you have to fight every inch of the way…it’s relentless and you can’t let your guard down for a minute and when you do there’s always someone ready with a metaphorical, (or if you’re really unlucky a physical), snaking jab, right hook, ‘glasgow kiss’ or a good old kick in the bollocks to remind you of the ‘struggle’.

anyway enough of that…just wanted to let youse know where themusicologist is ‘at’ and why I left you ‘swinging’ yesterday. Todays cut finds Jackie Mittoo keeping not only keeping time with his organ playing but also supervising, arranging and maybe even writing the music for this session.

for themusicologist this period of Studio1 musicology is beyond compare…the Golden Age where everyone involved at Brentford Road was at the top of their ‘game’.

One of the reasons Studio1 became such a mecca for the islands musicologists is that Coxsone would let the cats smoke the collie at the Studio, (something that no other recording studio allowed at the time), helping create the vibes that allowed such innovative and emotional music to flow.

We all know that many a musician has leaned on the ‘green crutch’ throughout history and Jamaica is no exception…no doubt it enhances creativity, supresses hunger and ‘packs up your troubles in the old kit bag’ while under the influence and Coxsone who didn’t encourage it, but was smart enough to know it’s positive qualities, turned a blind eye.

love this haunting, melancholic, emotion charged slice of musicology and for me the title nails it it two words.


2 thoughts on “musicology #111

  1. I love the way this tune seems to drag itself along, a steamroller of a piece tapping in to something fundamental.


  2. me too..

    fundamental……yes I like that, so true. the sweet sounds of Jamaica definately have that fundamental vibration.


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