musicology #110

sixartist, sixtune, sixweekspecial #33

(Cout Ossie & The Cyclones – Meditation)

words can’t do this one justice so I’ll leave it up to Count Ossie, Jackie Mitto and Leroy Sibbles to converse with you.


10 thoughts on “musicology #110

  1. I’m more a fan of vocals n lyrics usually, but I
    have to say this fabulous piece of music needed
    neither, I loved it!


  2. release date is what I really wanted to know… I somehow have memories of this (or something very similar) being spun in the wee, wee, hours in a Gerrard St dive of a club called The Candy Lounge. Which would date/place it early sixties (62-64).


  3. this would have been from the late 60’s/early 70’s hard to say for sure. although you might be thinking of a Prince Buster tune that was big..’Oh Carolina’ around 1963 If memory serves me right.

    the reason it might put you in mind of that tune is that it’s the same Count Ossie on percussion. no one was doing it before him so his style is very distinctive.


  4. for me, does exactly what it says in the title..perfect for ‘checking out your own backyard’

    one of his greatest organist cuts.


  5. “Oh Carolina” it was. And it’s a relief to read that the Kandy Lounge isn’t a figment of my imagination (see Jack That Cat Was Clean – Gay London at Le Deuce). Mind you, based to that authenticity I’m not so sure I should be shouting it from the rooftops…. Even so, interesting follow up comment on Mods “rolling queers”…. pre-Woolfson Report that is!!!


  6. That last comment should read “pre Sexual Offenders Act 1967” and not pre-Wolfson. In fact Wolfson is completely wrong. It was The Wolfenden Report of 1957 which started the debate and set the ball “rolling”… not Wolfson. And don’t forget, around about the same time there was the media hallaballo over “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”…. All that repression less than 50 years ago…. Amazing when you think about it!!!


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