musicology #109

sixartist, sixtune, sixweekspecial #32

(Bob Andy – Feeling Soul)

Donat Roy Mittoo was born in Kingston, (on March 3rd 1948), and grew up around music as language.

a child prodigy it was Clement Seymour Dodd, (Studio1 Boss), who presented him with the opportunity as a teenager (16 !!), to not only supervise the sessions at his newly formed Brentford Road Studio but also be a founder member of the legendary Skatalites…..

So let’s get that clear, Jackie Mittoo, (at the age of 16), joined some of the cream of Jamaican musicologists to heaed the greatest instrumental group to come out of Jamaica, as well as supervise the recording sessions at the birth of Studio1.

as that sinks in hold this next’s a Bob Andy classic from around 1969 I would imagine but it’s got Jackie all over it, (organist, arranger, musicologist), the only other backing musician I can be sure of identifying would be Leroy Sibbles playing bass..


2 thoughts on “musicology #109

  1. this piece o music should be dished out
    by doctors to soothe the ruffled soul…
    it makes everything relax…wonderful!


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