musicology #106

sixartist, sixtune, sixweekspecial #29

(The Style Council – With Everything To Lose)

penultimate slice from the Paul Weller tribute selection and the second of two from his time spent in the Style Council, (the Humble Pie years), along with Mick Talbot formaly of, (relatively unknown), UKPressure band the Merton Parkas and ‘keeping time’ the young Steve White, (didnt the Pie have an unknown young drummer?),

not suggesting that this was the way he planned it..just another example of synchronicity I suppose.

this cut taken from the album..Our Favourite Shop, (not only a great album but, for me, one of the best LP covers of all time !!), reminds me of having just left school and going on holiday in what was then called Yugoslavia. this album was the soundtrack for that holiday and the few months that surrounded it, (memories are made of this), there are at least six pieces on the album that could have been the final choice and there’s nothing between them so I just picked this one mainly for the lyrical content..

Paul Weller at his poetic best..telling it like it was, (and is still)

“From the playground to the wasteground, Hope ends at 17
Sweeping floors and filling shelves, Forced into government schemes
11 years spent to dig out ditches, Forget your schoolday dreams
Guarantees and lie-filled speeches, But nothings what it seems
Qualified and patronised and with everything to lose

No choice or chance for the future, The rich enjoy less tax
Dress the girls in pretty pink, The shit goes to the blacks
A generation’s heart torn out, And covered up the facts
The only thing they’ll understand Is a wall against their backs
The only hope now left for those, with everything to lose

with everything to lose, with everything to lose

In desperation empty eyes, Signed up and thrown away
There’s drugs replacing dignity, The short sharp shock repaid
There’ll be no money if you dare to question Working the Tory way
The truth is up there carved in stone, Where 21 dead now lay
A family’s loss for a few pounds saved, With everything to lose

With everything to lose, with everything to lose
With everything to lose, everything to lose…

lyrics Don Weller….lyrics.

message received, (in ’85), and understood.


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