musicology #104

sixartist, sixtune, sixweekspecial #27

(Paul Weller – The Strange Museum)

part three of the Paul Weller tribute and one from the man as solo artist. as with all the six/six/six artists it’s nigh on impossible to choose six cuts from many. such is the quality of their musicology.

but six it is so it’s two from Paul Wellers time spent in the Jam, two from the Style Council selection and two from the man as solo artist and as such is a challenge and no mistake..I was ‘chewing some fat’ the other day about the Sam Cooke tribute and the ones that I had left out…to be honest what I’m trying not to do is play their most well known the hope that cats explore/reconvene a musical relationship with the artists featured for themselves…

this next one is taken from his 1992 work entitled Paul Weller with strong support from Steve White whose groove is tighter than the space between a rock and a hard place.

Steve White always deserves a lot of credit, (and full respect), for kicking it as possibly the best drummer to have graced theses shores. ..with Paul Weller from the age of sixteen I do believe?

I have been fortunate to share the pleasure of Steves, (and the man himselfs on another occasion), company a few years back at ‘Moda’s’ where he kindly treated us to a few licks on the bongos while Mick set him up with some threads..

little mention goes out to mr Moda, originally of Bermodsey but later better placed in Blackheath Village, whose eye for style is as good as it gets. never received the acclaim deserved but Moda was a legend for soul stylists ‘down south’ and was responsible for introducing many a style from the 80’s right through to the 00’s…anyone who remembers the Moda 3 tee, (for starters), knows what I’m talking about..

listen tune…

“come on in..admissions free
I won’t refuse those who wanna see,
bring your loved ones, those you hold dear,
bring them all, there’s no restrictions here
but don’t look for blame, as an easy escape
there’s notthing on show, that isn’t your shame
so come on in, it’s a small price to pay
and I won’t refuse, those who’ve lost their way”

song written by Paul Weller & Mick Talbot


4 thoughts on “musicology #104

  1. Dave,
    checked the soul page…nice community vibes, (as well as the music of course), for me music is such a great connector that there must be a way of building a networked community of musicologists that can collaborate in creative projects for the good of all

    as Curtis sung…

    “we’re over twenty million strong,
    and it wouldn’t take long to save the ghetto child,
    if we’d get off our arse, 10 dollars a man,
    really think a while
    20 million times 10 would surely then
    put our brothers free,
    one congregation with better relations
    would demand more respect from society”

    those words have always been an inspiration to me and I believe that with communications technology the way it is today there is a great opportunity to take heed of wisdom like this and do something with it..

    thanks again for the comments, blogs and music


  2. this had the the magic 3 for me ..voice, lyrics
    and the instumentals, had to play it twice on the
    trot ..superb


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