musicology #103

sixartist, sixtune, sixweekspecial #26

(The Style Council – My Ever Changing Moods)

strange how Paul Weller and Curtis Mayfield are back to back on the six/six/six..

I know Paul Weller is a Curtis, (and Stevie Marriott), fan..maybe thats part of the reason why I feel such a connection to his music? (that and his obvious qualities as as a songwriter, singer, performer and all round musicologist).

I was only a very young child when Weller first came into my life but the message got through loud and clear and helped me with the confidence to believe in myself and follow my own path. the only two message carriers in my life have been music and my dear grandad..both of which always had/have my undivided attention. when either spoke I was always listening.

that wasn’t a conscious decision, it was just something that, (fortunately for me), happened and I am deeply greatful to them both, (Farve….you’re always in my thoughts and feelings)

anyway, back to the music..sliding in to this one from his days in The Style Council, (and my days as a Soul Boy), taken from the 1984 album ‘Cafe Bleu’. It’s got to be this one, (even though there are at least another three srceamers on there), which hit me hard when I first heard it whilst making the transition from schoolboy to youngblood.

Daylight turns to moonlight and I’m at my best yeah
Praising the way it all works and gazing upon the rest yeah
The cool before the warm
The calm after the storm
Oh the cool before the warm
The calm after the storm
I wish to stay forever letting this be my food
But I’m caught up in a whirlwind and my ever changing moods

Bitter turns to sugar some call a passive tune
But the day things turn sweet for me won’t be too soon, no
The hush before the silence
The winds after the blast
Oh the hush before the silence
The winds after the blast
I wish we’d move together this time the bosses sued
But we’re caught up in the wilderness and our ever changing moods

Teardrops turn to children who’ve never had the time
To commit the sins they pay for through another’s evil mind
The love after the hate
The love we leave too late
Oh the love after the hate
The love we leave too late
I wish we’d wake up one day and everyone feel moved
But we’re caught up in the dailies and an ever changing mood

Evil turns to statues and masses form a line
But I know which way I’d run to if the choice was mine
The past is our knowledge the present our mistake
And the future we always leave too late
I wish we’d come to our senses and see there is no truth
Ohhh In those who promote the confusion for this ever changing mood


7 thoughts on “musicology #103

  1. its hard to listen (and thanks to you read) the words to this song without feeling emotional…
    its such a heart felt plea to all of us to wake up..
    and his voice is at its best for me on this number.


  2. Dave,
    spent some time on both of them and really enjoyed them..highly recommend them to all Paul Weller fans..
    have you heard the Stevie Marriott tribute on here?


  3. Look for the “long” version from the 12 inch, I seem to remember not a remix, just a longer version, maybe on boxset too.


  4. yep, love that one too…

    I went for the acoustic only because it’s the one that transports me back to 1984 and a particular ‘time’ on ‘the road’..

    p.s..listening to the 12″ as I’m writing..


  5. just listened to this track again as I’m getting fed up with the politicians/crap/news etc in the daillies/tv so a song like this soothes the troubled head (in my case) ……….keep up the good work musicologist


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