musicology #102

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(The Jam – I Got By In Time)

this week on themusicologist it’s the turn of the second most influential artists to have crossed my heart and mind.. Paul Weller who, along with Curtis ranks as the artist whose musicology has had the most impact on my life especially during my formative years.

as already mentioned, In The City by the Jam was the first serious piece of music I owned, (Christmas 1977, thanks to me mum and dad), and from that day to this the cat has always held a special place in my life. From the energy of the early Jam days, through to the social poetry of the later Jam works..on to his time with the Style Council and beyond his songs were always there for me as a guide and shoulder to lean on for support when it seemed like no one understood me trials and tribulations..

very similar in essence to Steve Marriott for obvious reasons, Paul Weller has never stood still and has been a musical, (and for me social), force for 30 years !!, (most of my life in fact), making him second only to Curtis in longevity.

Well do I remember in 1982 buying the Town Called Malice 12″ as he called time on the Jam which, to the Mod revivalists at the time was incomprehensible and didnt earn him much support. I saw it differently because to me he was doing exactly what should have been done by a true Mod/ernist and respond to the new music and fashion that was on the streets of London..I’m talking about ‘Casual/Soul Boy’.

that was what was happening back then, (along with the emergence of Electro and ‘Sleng Teng Dancehall), and Weller knew that that was where it was at and that the Jam weren’t capable of making the transition.

Mod has always had two aspects..

1:the vintage led cats who were ‘nostalgic’

2:the ‘son of mod’ of the early 80’s who had grown up with and were inspired by the Mod/ernist attitude, razor sharp style, love of contempory music and attention to detail. These were the cats who took up the modernist flag and carried it forward. themusicologist was there and trust me…that’s how it happened.

anyway..back to the music..this one from said album, (In The City 1977), still does it for me 30 years later…imagine how that sounded to a 9 year old !!


5 thoughts on “musicology #102

  1. mike,
    not sure..
    I love this song too especially the words

    “please tell me my philosophy’s wrong,
    Iv’e got to know the truth,
    I don’t mean to offend anyone,
    but you know it’s something I do”

    this was the song on the album that done it for me.
    from then on it was me and Paul Weller a bond never to be broken. As to whether they cared for it..I’m not sure. For me it’s the song with the most insight to the mans thoughts and feelings. maybe he didn’t feel too comfortable performing such a personal song? only he would be able to tell us.

    thanks for the comment


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