musicology #99

sixartist, sixtune, sixweekspecial #22

(Curtis Mayfield – Kung Fu)

I enjoy and get great pleasure out of themusicologist but, (and it’s a price I’m prepared to pay), it takes up a lot of my time and doesn’t keep the wolves from banging on the family door. the bastards are circling, baying for blood and by the look in their eyes they sense victory…

what the wolves haven’t accounted for is, (with music as the proverbial shield and buckler), the determination to ride this wave of uncertainty and pass through this phase of insecurity not only in one piece but stronger, fitter and wiser, holding firm and not giving up as I continue the journey on the road to freedom with these words ringing in my heart and mind.

The wise man builds his house upon the rock while the foolish man builds his house apoun the ever shifting sand.

this cut is taken from the man’s beautifully crafted 1974 album Sweet Exorcist.


One thought on “musicology #99

  1. There has to be a word thats tighter than ‘tight’
    cos thats the sound of Curtis Mayfield to me…you can hardly breathe in case you miss
    a word or beat.


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