musicology #98

sixartist, sixtune, sixweekspecial #21

(Jerry Butler&Curtis Mayfield – Find Yourself Another Girl)

round 3 of the Curtis Mayfield well as hard hitting lyricist and social commentator Curtis’s love songs are beyond compare. a genuine poet whose ability to tap into affairs of the heart deserves mention.

singing lead on this is original Impressions lead singer Jerry ‘The Ice Man’ Butler whose nickname is reported to have come from a performance where the p.a cut out and rather than stop Jerry continued to sing, (that and the way in which he performed emotion drenched soul scorchers without breaking sweat)

it was Jerry that insisted on Curtis replacing Phil Upchurch when he left Jerry’s touring band in 1961 to chase fame on the back of his Mod/R&B classic ‘You Can’t Sit Down’

Curtis was only sixteen at the time which is amazing considering the songs he went on to write over the following two years. this is one of those foundation soul cuts from that year..Curtis not only co-wrote it but it’s also him harmonizing and playing guitar.

musicology at it’s finest from two of Soul’s vanguards in perfect harmony


One thought on “musicology #98

  1. certainly a fine collaboration betwix lyrics and Jerry Butlers superb voice…I liked the rythem of the piece, a good jiving tempo.


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