musicology #97

sixartist, sixtune, sixweekspecial #20

(Curtis Mayfield – Hard Times)

one of the tunes that convinced me to ‘play-out’ back in London’s Rare Groove days of 1985/6, utilising Curtis as messenger for how it felt growing up on the streets of London at the time.

back then Curtis didn’t figure too tough on the capitals wheels of steel, James Brown, (and related), was the DJ’s choice, (along with a host of others), Curtis didn’t get much of a look in as he wasn’t considered danceable..obviously he was very highly regarded but was mainly enjoyed at home in moments of contemplation.

taken from his 1975 critique ‘There’s No Place Like America Today’

the spoken intro has been added by themusicologist to provide an insight on and from the man himself.


One thought on “musicology #97

  1. a moving commentary on life, sung with sadness
    I thought at the harshness of it …..such a conscious wordsmith and singer, and such a voice…thanks for the intro it was so good to hear the man himself tell it like it is.


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