musicology #92

sixartist, sixtune, sixweekspecial #15

(Alton Ellis – Hurting Me)

next piece from Mr Ellis…yet another Brentford Road, (Studio1), diamond.

one from out of the top drawer..with what sounds like the Heptones on backing vocals..definately Leroy Sibbles on the ‘four string’ delivering the essential bassline vibes.

Studio1, (and Leroy Sibbles in particular), pioneered the bass as an essential reggae ingredient. before him the bass was almost inaudible..maybe it was due to the fact that not only was Leroy Sibbles an all round musicologist in charge of arrangement, production, (after Jackie Mittoo left for Canada), and vocal duties but he was also resident bass player at the peak of the Studio1 sound.

stands to reason that he would favour the bass drenched approach, (although the ‘ganja’ must have had something to do with it too !!), anyway hold this top ranking cut sung by Alton with all the soul a man can muster…no wonder he was known as Mr Soul Of Jamaica…a richly deserved title…one of themusicologists favourite reggae cuts, slides into the dubwise..dancehall, discomix style.


2 thoughts on “musicology #92

  1. what an interesting piece…at times it sounds
    almost like a soul number, then it slips back
    to reggae…and so smooth! can see why he got the title Mr Soul of Jamaica .


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