musicology #89

sixartist, sixtune, sixweekspecial #12

(Humble Pie Feat Steve Marriott – I Need A Star In My Life)

final cut from brother Steve Marriott…difficult choice to make. luckily the man was prolific so there’s enough to choose from but still…tough.

I’m going for a cut taken from the posthumously released and highly recommended ‘Scrubbers Sessions’ released by Tim Hinkley in tribute to Steve. signing off this weeks six/six/six with with a quote from Tim..

“I came back from Steve’s funeral with Bobby Tench, I told him I had this album in my tape storage room..we put it on and it sounded great, it was then that I realised this album really should come out…this record was very special to Steve and if nothing else, it stands as a tribute to his enormous talent”.

lyrics Don Stevie … lyrics …


5 thoughts on “musicology #89

  1. loved it!…this past weeks selection of Steve Marriott material has really changed my appreciation of his music…thank you for that.


  2. music to me glad to hear that the tribute has made that kind of impact.

    thanks for the comment..warmly welcomed and appreciated.

    as you may have ‘sussed’ by now..most of the music on themusicologist is performed by those whose skin is, to quote Curtis Mayfield, “darker than blue” not that this has any significence..that’s just the way it is.

    fact is..Steve Marriott has been one of the musicologists ‘teachers’ for many a long year now. starting out as a young second generation mod in the late 70’s he was largely responsible for showing me that no matter what your physical stature or skin colour music is the great equaliser…


  3. great song to finish this tribute; I can picture him up on the stage having a ball with this one and letting rip ………


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