musicology #88

sixartist, sixtune, sixweekspecial #11

(Humble Pie Feat Steve Marriott – Strange Days)

penultimate piece of musicology magic from Mr Marriott and friends…can’t believe it’s gone so quick.

one of the many things I ‘love’ about the geezahh is his obvious dedication and commitment to communicating using the ‘universal language’. Not only as a vocalist or musician, (could, and did, play most of them), but also as a performer.

most people can sing, (some can play instruments), but what seperates the legends from the rest of us is how they deliver…Steve Marriott delivers as good as anyone and deserves to be ranked in the uppermost branches of the musical tree so that the sun can shine on him from morning to night..

hold this piece of 1971 Rock, Rhythm&Blues from one of the great English bands..Humble Pie .. telling it like it is…quality piece of musicology. a Glyn Jones/Humble Pie production..lyrics courtesy of Steve Marriott.


11 thoughts on “musicology #88

  1. 6 and a half minutes just ain’t long of them pieces that could go on forever !!


  2. “what seperates the legends from the rest is how they deliver”…. So, so, true.

    I had the strange pleasure once of sitting in on an impromptu session/concert in the wee, wee, hours in an Upper East Side, New York night club with the man (plus, I hasten to add, a few other London based “retrobates”).
    On hearing my voice, without introduction or apology, Stevie Marriott asked which part of south London I came from. Now, only a real Londoner could have sussed my London accent and only a real cockney could have pinned it down to “saaaff of the river”. But, and here comes the difference between legends and mere mortals……
    On getting a typical south London growled “I’m from the Borough” – whatya gonna do ’bout it – type of reply, Stevie, instead of (a) ignoring it/me, or (b) as a dyed in the wool east Londoner, rising to the bait, spun round on the piano stool he was sitting on, hit the keyboards, and launched into a virtuoso cockney rendering of the classic south London pub song “The Chairs In The Parlour”, and then (with his new mate – yours truly – singing duet) followed that up with a crocodile-tears version of “My Mother’s Eyes” followed by another, then another, and another………..

    Yes… delivery, delivery, delivery!!!

    P.S. Chas & Dave… eat yer hearts out.


  3. After the sing-song, over a drink (or perhaps two), we reminisced about the many things we had in common. In particular… Mods.

    Thus… A Lost Week In New York kicked off….. chuckle, chuckle.


  4. pure gold…
    can almost picture it…
    thanks for sharing that with us. musicology and memories like that don’t grow on trees


  5. may I be so bold as to ask what year were you born?

    talking Mods with Stevie Marriott .. priceless


  6. and ‘Bowie’
    and ‘Mark Feld’
    he of the 1962 article in the Sunday Times magazine about London’s new and emerging youth culture.
    as we know, he went on to be known as Marc Bolan
    but both were definately ‘Mod/ernists’

    I think you may know where this is heading…


  7. Yep… and why not…. the half-century ain’t that far away!!

    Which somehow brings me to Paul Weller…. while trawling the web (I think it was one of Dave’s sites) I came across the man doing his version of The Carpenters “Close To You”….. it blew me away!!

    The tune – not the song, not the lyrics, or the melody – is one of those strange experiences I’m sure are common to all music fans. Whenever, by whoever, I hear it…. it warms the cockles of me heart


  8. can’t say I know it by Paul Weller or anyone for that matter…

    when you say the ‘tune’ do you mean the harmonious combination of all the various aspects?


  9. If you put it that way…. I myself can’t put it into words…. it’s pure feeling!!


  10. O.K…. here goes (and I’m sure I’m gonna regret this).

    Close To You by The Carpenters.
    Words and music : Bert Bacharach & Hal David.
    Released 1970.

    “Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near?
    just like me, they long to be,
    Close to you.

    Why do stars fall down from the sky every time you walk by?
    just like me, they long to be,
    Close to you.

    On the day that you was born
    the angels got together
    And decided to create a dream come true
    so they sprinkled moondust in your hair of gold
    and starlight in your eyes of blue

    etc., etc., etc., etc.,

    Wahhhhhh, close to you
    Whhhhhhh, close to you
    Hahhhhhhh, close to you
    Lahhhhhhh, close to you


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