musicology #87

sixartist, sixtune, sixweekspecial #10

(Small Faces – All Or Nothing)

couldnt throw down a Steve Marriott tribute without laying down the piece that kick started my appreciation of the brothers vocal and soulful qualities.

while not prolific in their collaborative output there’s no denying the Small Faces impact on contempory music and this one gets into the tribute for two reasons

1:Mod anthem

2: brings back memories of being 11/12 and 13 years old as a second generation Mod .. ahhhhhh .. music brings back so many memories..

so without further words hold this piece from the Mod band with the Mod classic, pinpointing the evolution and metamorphosis in the autumn of 1966 from American Rhythm & Blues to English Rock & Blues…

strangely, (or probobly not), one that my kids enjoy and sing along to just as another Mod revival begins to take shape in 2008


4 thoughts on “musicology #87

  1. wow..the power of music to take ya back in time.
    one of those pieces of music that never loses its impact even though I know it so well..


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