musicology #86

sixartist, sixtune, sixweekspecial #9

(Steve Marriott – Help Me Through The Day)

What / Who Is Mod? … for themusicologist there are only a handful of cats who can lay claim to the title. one of them is Steve Marriott …

Why? because he lived life to the full, often at the extremes, always on the vanguard and didn’t compromise his personal values. Selfish? .. probably, Obsessed…almost definately, Dedicated….100%

Not suggesting that these qualities are the only, (or even most important), Mod credentials but if you dig deep enough they are, in themusicologist’s opinion ones that are ever present….another vital ingredient would be the love of Soul, Blues, Rhythm & Blues…without this you can’t be Mod !!

the aim is still to let the music do the talking and believe me I’m trying but the six/six/six is inspiring themusicologist to ‘nail me colours to the mast‘ ..

hold this cut from his solo album, simply titled Steve Marriott, (not his choice of title I hasten to add), recorded in 1975…pucker


3 thoughts on “musicology #86

  1. Did you know that a young J page esq was a fan who went to see the S F’s and apparently when Led zepplin were formed the Model for the lead vocal was stevie M


  2. the man certainly shows on this track that hes got a great voice with a real feel for the material he plays; and doesnt seem to indulge himself to the detriment of the song


  3. Jimmy Hendrix was also a huge was Alexis Korner…

    the Stones were considering Steve to replace Brian Jones on guitar but as you can hear he would have wiped the floor with Mick, so i’m assuming, (and have read), he didn’t fancy the thought of being upstaged…can’t blame him. Steve was always the front man, of every band he played in, even when he didn’t always want to be.


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