musicology #80

sixartist,sixtune,sixweekspecial Sam Cooke Bonus #3

(Sam Cooke – Nobody Wants You When You’re Down & Out)

I know there are many out there who will be relating to and feeling this. no doubt that globally things are ‘coming on top’ for the man on the street and while the rich get richer “the little that the poor man got it shall be taken away”

‘Boom And Bust’ baby…crash and burn .. my advice….fiddle this one while Rome burns.

song written by Jimmy Cox, recorded for Sam’s 1961 album ‘My Kind Of Blues”
(Hugo & Luigi production)


10 thoughts on “musicology #80

  1. yet another pearl from Mr C. no amount of riches can enhance the pleasure of listening
    to such a sublime voice.


  2. For sure…. no question of that!

    I read somewhere that another thing that distinguishes that giants from the rest is an ability to put across the (so called) simple messages with style, class, power…. or, in my opinion most difficult of all, with depth i.e. emotion…. I can’t explain it any better.

    But listen to Sam sing a simple song and you’ll know/feel where I’m coming from…. May I suggest “Cupid”??


  3. of course you may suggest it..but at the moment I can’t lay it on you..

    although ALL Sam Cooke’s songs are very ‘simple’ to understand..such was his genius.

    maybe you agree that the simple is harder while the complex is easier. all the great songwriters bear that out in my opinion…


  4. I suggested “Cupid” to anyone interested enough to dig it out and play it again for their own pleasure… not mine (mind you, that being said…..).

    “the simpler is harder while the complex is easier”…. very well said. My sentiments entirely!!


  5. I dug out The Man And His Music CD to play “Cupid” and got lost in “I’ll come running back to you”, “you send me”, “chain gang”, “only sixteen”, “wonderful world” and others…… a couple of hours later and I’m still listening!!!!


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