musicology #78

sixartist,sixtune,sixweekspecial Sam Cooke Bonus #1

(Sam Cooke – If I Had A Hammer)

so..back in the Sam Cooke saddle after some techno issues regarding the Streaming Audio, (boxnet)

threw a small spanner in themusicologist works but rather than dwell on it I’ll take it as a sign that more Sam Cooke is required. Three bonus slices is how it is going to be dealt with, (mon/tue/wed), and then it’s back onto the original sixtune program for #’s 4/5/6, (thurs/fri/sat)

thinking about it…it’s fitting that Mr Soul gets 3 extra tunes as everything in the sixartist selection that follows shares a connection … his legacy. what was/is it about the man that is so special?

not just his voice which, let’s face it, is second to was his capacity to move people of all colours and creeds communicating a message that crosses all boundries. as an example hold this one from a 1964 performance at the Copa in front of a full supper club audience. for themusicologist a killer performance…the way he drops it into a deeper meaning in the middle is breathtaking.

the way he delivers the message to this audience and then gets them involved is nothing short of a miracle, he also laid Bob Dylan’s freedom anthem Blowing In The Wind on them . Consider that for a moment..Sam Cooke singing Blowing In The Wind to a Copa audience…obviously the call and response to a soul/gospel audience was part of the performance and to be expected but at the Copa, to a tune like this, full of undercurrents is almost beyond belief but Mr Soul rinses it like NOBODY else could have done….

I’m in danger of waxing lyrical…Sam step up brother and let us know what it’s all about.……..

LOUD is how this one should be heard ..

“where?…..where?, (all over this land), that’s the place…huh”

I do believe that’s Bobby Womack, (along with Cliff White), pluckin’ strings


11 thoughts on “musicology #78

  1. Whoa…….well I certainly had a hootananny
    here, what a performance, it had everything
    his voice, wonderful lyrics and the chance to shout out for the universal rights of justice, freedom and love….played it twice n loud!


  2. tune!

    somehow we never quite managed the same groove when we used to hammer this one out at Sunday School 😉


  3. hahahahahaha..true..always came across as more ‘Peter, Paul & Mary’ …

    nice to hear from you sir


  4. “its a song of justice,
    a song of freedom yeah,
    it’s a song about love,
    between my brothers and my sisters,
    aaalllllll over this land”

    also it may have something to do with broncofly’s comment on the ‘sunday school’?


  5. Yeh, sure…. but why the hammer? Is it a nod in the direction of socialism/communism perhaps? Me, I’m reminded of a profound quote of Mark Twain’s i.e. “to a man with a hammer everything looks like a nail”….. Umm!!


  6. no I don’t see that at all…if anything it might refer to Jesus being a carpenter or something of religious significence?


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