musicology #75

sixartist,sixtune,sixweekspecial #1

(Sam Cooke w/The Soul Stirrers – That’s Heaven To Me)

this next section is dedicated to six artists, (1 a week), who have been instrumental in themusicologists education. not just musically but also culturally. every one of them having successfully communicated the message on many occasions…I like to think of them as ‘foundation artists’ who, for themusicologist, are the benchmark against which all others are measured, (not compared).

they are…Curtis Mayfield, Steve Marriott, Sam Cooke, Paul Weller, Alton Ellis and Jackie Mittoo. there are others. but the six above hold a special place in my heart for having a major impact on the direction my life has taken. I’m sure we all agree that music has the profound power to shape the heart and mindset and for the next 6 weeks it’s all about these cats and their legacy.

starting proceedings with none other than Mr Soul himself the legendary Sam Cooke. King of the genre and a lion among men. Not only for his musical contribution but also for his style both in delivery of the message and the way he conducted himself.

it’s beyond doubt that without Sam Cooke themusicologist’s world would have been a less inspirational place in which to live. his life is well documented so the next six days, (no fling on the sabbath), are just about the priceless gift he left us with.

I could wax endless lyrics about anecdotes, musicological facts and information but information alone is useless, unless it leads to knowledge which although has value is not comparable to wisdom.

for themusicologist Sam Cooke delivers the holy grail of wisdom.

“the things that I see as I walk along the street ……..”


6 thoughts on “musicology #75

  1. Well said, if I must say so myself. Sam’s contributions to not just music history but American history (he was the first black artist to refuse to sing to segregated audiences) should be recognized more often.

    Ironically, Sam’s birthday is tomorrow, Jan. 22. I’m celebrating by hosting a world-wide teleseminar in his honor at

    Erik Greene
    Sam Cooke’s great-nephew


  2. erik,
    what a pleasure it was to find a comment of such stature. part of what themusicologist is here for is to explore the culture of music as much as the music itself and as far as I can see your great-uncle stands tall in his contribution to American culture.

    A self educated man who refused to be categorised by others…his inspirational message resonates far and wide, across all cultural and racial barriers.

    many’s the time the message in the music of Sam Cooke has lifted my soul from the depths of despair..

    as for the synchronicity of his birthday falling on this week…to quote a line from today’s song

    “makes me know that the lord is somewhere near”

    thank you for the comment…most appreciated.


  3. Thanks for joining the teleseminar last night. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    And do you really use “many’s the time” in your everyday speech? Sounds like you tried to sneak a little Sam in there… 🙂

    Erik Greene
    Sam’s Neph


  4. the sublime voice of Sam Cooke always lifts me
    up…whether he is singing a gospel song or a
    neat little rocking number, people remember
    were they where when John Kennedy and Maralyn Monroe died, I clearly recall where I was when Sam Cooke died…. as a young teenager his voice had touched my soul.


  5. Erik,
    thank you for hosting it.

    yep..I certainly do.. especially concerning music that has touched the depths of my soul and, along with the five other artists to follow, Mr Sam Cooke’s has shone like a light in some dark days..

    thanks again for your comments.


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