musicology #73

newyearboogie #5 (Beres Hammond – Try If You Want)

first outing on themusicologist, (rest assured it won’t be the last), for another of my favourite artists whose career stretches back to the early 70’s but, amazingly, isn’t that well known outside of the world of Reggae. has never ‘crossed over’ even though his output has been prolific and top ranking.

Beres first appeared on the scene in 1972, sung lead for Zap-Pow for a few years, (up to ’79) went solo and then set up his own label, Harmony House in ’85, presumably to do his own thing without interference. this was at a time when Reggae was making one of it’s many transitions this time into what’s now known as Dancehall or Computerised

themusicologist’s connection to Beres stretches back to the early 90’s when I got back into buying Reggae in a big way. this one comes from the mid ’90s and is on the excellent Star-Trail label, (can’t remember the exact year and there’s no mention of it on the 45)

anyway..enough of the words…time for the music. believers…hold tight.


One thought on “musicology #73

  1. as poor as I am Iv’e got my ambition,
    keep my distance from war and contention,
    I might not be rich but I sure got style….

    lyrics don Beres, lyrics.


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