musicology #72

newyearboogie #4 (Impressions – Keep On Pushing – 1964)

the ULTIMATE message tune..words aren’t enough, so im just movin’ on aside..

“now look a look a look a yonder, what’s that I see….”

only one thing dissapointing about this tune…it ends.


4 thoughts on “musicology #72

  1. Sweeeettt… in my opinion one of the all time greats!!!

    “hallalujah, hallalujah,
    keep on pushing,
    keep on pushing,
    what I say, keep on pushing”

    (the interminal Sisyphean challange/task beautifully put into words and music… What inspiration…. couldn’t have come at a more opportune time).

    keep on keeping on Mr. musicologist


  2. ” a great big stone wall, stands there ahead of me,
    but I got my pride and I move it on aside, and keep on pushing”

    for the musicologist Curtis is almost a member of the family and his words of wisdom never fall on deaf ears. this one has been a guide many times and is father Curtis at his most inspirational.

    wholeheartedly agree with it being one of the all time greats. anyone who disagrees, just name the time and place and we’ll sort it…old school straightener.


  3. p.s just like to thank theagingmod for making and taking the time to let me know that themusicologist is inspiring others as well.

    connection, communication, collaboration



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