musicology #70

newyearboogie #2 (I Can Make It If I Try -The Royal Premiers)

“no matter how dreary the situation is and how difficult it may be .. you got to walk tall, walk tall, walk tall” ..

sticking with that sentiment this next one is from a little known vocal group from out of the ‘big city of dreams’, New York I do believe, (or at least thats’s where the tune was cut.) I can’t find any information on these cats anywhere other than a small mention in ‘the bible’, (R&B Indies), so if any of the soul and vocal group aficionados out there can ‘tip me the wink’ it would be most appreciated.

One from themusicologists top drawer, perfectly capturing the message of 60’s Soul, one of hope, a new day dawning and ‘nothing can stop me’ enthusiasm..


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