musicology #68

themusicologist@thebbc part 3. (Cedric ‘Im’ Brooks – Mun Dun Gu)

this weeks selection is yet another from the Studio1 stable, Jamaica’s premier production house. progressive and innovative it reflected owner and musicologist Coxsone Dodd’s love of ‘the new’ in every sense.

for themusicologist this piece feels like hope and, (synchronistically), has a ‘better must come’ flavour. driving, determined and focused …. 2008 in a nutshell !!!

so for all the 2007 sufferers, (and I know there’s many), consign last year to history, mark it down to experience and Move On Up with this slice of musical connection and communication.

Wishing all of you the very best for the coming year and thanking you for your support in 2007. BIG things a gwaan in 2008, keep it locked, loaded and musical.

p.s last of the bbc selection for now. hopefully back in the radio saddle some time in 2008 for some more slices of musicology….thanks to brother Sean Rowley, (and Jim), for providing themusicologist with the opportunity to reach out and, (hopefully), connect with the Joy Of Music crew.


4 thoughts on “musicology #68

  1. 2008…”driving, determined, focused”. Here’s wishing/willing the same to themusicologist and all connected to it…

    Plus… unity (the state of being united; an arrangement of parts to form a complete whole)… a word/action of true value.


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